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1.01 Summary

Section Includes: Fire-rated and non fire-rated prefinished steel door frames for interior and exterior applications, including sidelites and borrowed lites.

Related Sections: Section(s) related to this section include:

Metal Doors: Division 8 Steel Door Section.

Wood Doors: Division 8 Wood Door Section.

Finish Hardware: Division 8 Hardware Section.

Glass and Glazing: Division 8 Glass and Glazing Sections.

1.02 References

General: Standards listed by reference, including revisions by issuing authority, form a part of this specification section to extent indicated. Standards listed are identified by issuing authority, authority abbreviation, designation number, title, or other designation established by issuing authority. Standards subsequently referenced herein are referred to by issuing authority abbreviation and standard designation.

American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM):

ASTM 366 - Specification for Steel, Sheet, Carbon, Cold-Rolled, Commercial Quality.

1.03 Submittals

General: Submit listed submittals in accordance with Conditions of the Contract and Division 1 Submittal Procedures Section.

Product Data: Submit product data, including manufacturer's SPEC-DATA product sheet, for specified products.

Submit manufacturer's product data showing details of design and construction and printed instructions covering installation.

Shop Drawings: Submit shop drawings showing layout, profiles and product components, including anchorage, accessories, finish colors and textures.

Indicate frame elevations, reinforcement, anchor types and spacings and location of cut-outs for hardware.

Samples: Submit selection and verification samples for finishes, colors and textures.

Submit sample of each door frame type.

Submit color charts samples of prefinished components indicating standard and custom colors selections. Include samples of custom color matches on base metal.

Quality Assurance Submittals: Submit the following:

Test Reports: Certified test reports showing compliance with specified performance characteristics and physical properties.

Certificates: Product certificates signed by manufacturer certifying materials comply with specified performance characteristics and physical requirements.

Manufacturer's Instructions: Manufacturer's installation instructions.

Closeout Submittals: Submit the following:

Warranty: Warranty documents specified herein.

1.04 Quality Assurance

Installer Qualifications: Installer experienced in performing work of this section who has specialized in the installation of work similar to that required for this project.

Certificate: When requested, submit certificate indicating qualification.

Regulatory Requirements: Fire rated steel frames shall be of the types tested and approved by a testing agency that is acceptable to regulatory agency having jurisdiction. Fire rated steel frames shall bear labels of testing agency.

1.05 Delivery, Storage, And Handling

General: Comply with Division 1 Product Requirements Sections.

Ordering: Comply with manufacturer's ordering instructions and lead time requirements to avoid construction delays.

Delivery: Deliver materials on manufacturer's original, unopened, undamaged containers with identification labels intact.

Factory package door frame individually with surfaces protected against shipping and handling damage until time of installation.

Storage and Protection: Store materials protected from exposure to harmful weather conditions and at temperature conditions recommended by manufacturer.

Store frames in dry, protected area off ground. Do not cover with tarp. Do not create a moisture chamber over product in storage.

1.06 Project Conditions

Field Measurements: Verify actual measurements/openings by field measurements before fabrication; show recorded measurements on shop drawings. Coordinate field measurements, fabrication schedule with construction progress schedule to avoid construction delays.

1.07 Warranty

Project Warranty: Refer to Conditions of the Contract for project warranty provisions.

Manufacturer's Warranty: Submit, for Owner's acceptance, manufacturer's standard warranty document executed by authorized company official. Manufacturer's warranty is in addition to and not a limitation of, other rights Owner may have under the Contract Documents.

Warranty Period: {Specify term} years commencing on Date of Substantial Completion.

Part 2 Products

2.01 Prefinished Steel Door Frames

Manufacturer: Timely Industries, Inc.

Contact: 10241 Norris Avenue, Pacoima, CA 91331-2292; Telephone (800) 247-6242, (818) 896-3094; Fax (818) 899-2677.

Proprietary Product(s): Timely fire rated, prefinished steel door frames.

Frames: Non-rated and fire rated frames:

"C" Series Frames, 18 gauge. "S" Series Frames, 20 gauge. "M" Series Frames, 22 gauge. "A" Series Frames, 18 gauge adjustable. "E" Series, 20 gauge, stainless steel, type 430 polished. "E" Series, 20 gauge, stainless steel, type 304. "E" Series, 20 gauge, solid brass, bright. Casings: Manufacturer's standard {Steel} {Brass} {PVC} {Wood} as listed below. Provide casings with corner alignment clips as indicated on drawings.

Standard Casings: 22 gauge prefinished steel. Standard Casing on Stainless or Brass Frames: 22 gauge stainless steel or brass. Aluminum Casing: Aluminum with corner alignment clips in [mill] [anodized] [painted] finish. PVC Casing: Cellular PVC. Wood Casing: Refer to Division 6 Carpentry Section. 

2.02 Product Substitutions

Substitutions: No substitutions permitted.

2.03 Materials

Frame Members: Form interior door frames of ASTM A366 commercial quality cold rolled steel. Form exterior door frames of electrogalvanized steel.

Sidelite frames: {18} {20} (22} ga.

2.04 Fabrication

Frames: Fabricate frames as indicated on shop drawings.

2.05 Finishes

Door frames and sidelites.

Prefinished with factory applied impact-resistant, polyester baked enamel finish in manufacturer's finish colors as selected:

Finish Color: {Specify finish color}

Steel: Chemically cleaned, bonderized, primed and painted in coils. Galvanize steel prior to painting for exterior, high humidity or corrosive areas.

Touch-up Paint: Provide aerosol touch-up paint for after-installation, onsite repair as recommended by manufacturer.

2.06 Source Quality

Source Quality: Obtain steel door frame products from a single manufacturer.

Part 3 Execution

3.01 Manufacturer's Instructions

Compliance: Comply with manufacturer's product data, including product technical bulletins, product catalog installation instructions and product carton instructions for installation.

3.02 Examination

Site Verification of Conditions: Verify substrate conditions, which have been previously installed under other sections, are acceptable for product installation in accordance with manufacturer's instructions.

Verify rough openings sizes and wall thickness are acceptable.

Verify finish hardware requirements for each opening; verify frame reinforcement, preparation and anchorage. Verify requirements and coordinate with door and hardware supplier.

3.03 Installation

Steel Door Frames:

Install frames plumb and square, per shop drawings and manufacturers printed instructions. Verify opening and dimensions with the shop drawings. Use door as a template to insure proper alignment and clearances.

Install frames over finished walls and anchor through faces in structure as indicated on drawings.

Comply with manufacturer's recommendations for fasteners every 11" (279 mm) minimum.

Secure frame to wall with appropriate type fasteners. Install casing on the frame.

Anchor frame with one drywall-type screw adjacent to each casing clip.

Use {pre-fit template door} {actual door} in opening to ensure proper alignment and clearances.

Align parts with proper clearances to ensure proper fit, tight miters and performance requirements.

Install silencers on interior door frames.

Adjust strike plate to hold door tight to stops when closed.

Final Inspection:

Inspect each opening for operation, hardware, appearance and installation. Make required adjustments.

Replace frames defective under terms of manufacturer's warranty.

3.04 Cleaning

Cleaning: Remove temporary coverings and protection of adjacent work areas. Repair or replace damaged installed products. Clean installed products in accordance with manufacturer's instructions prior to owner's acceptance. Remove construction debris from project site and legally dispose of debris.

3.05 Protection

Protection: Protect installed product's finish surfaces from damage during construction.

Repair or replace all damaged or defective frames

Touch-up paint all damaged areas of factory applied finishes with aerosol spray cans of same paint as used in the factory.



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