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Installation Instructions for Lee Rowan Wire Shelving

Step 1 Measure

Measure the height for your shelf and mark 2 1/2" from the sidewall

Recommended heights:
84" Top storage shelf or top of double hang shelf
68" Long hang shelf
42" Double hang shelf
12" Shoe shelf

Step 2 Backclips

*Place every 12 inches (max) with 2 on each open end

Level and mark every 12" on back wall

  Drill 1/4" holes
Insert backclips completely and secure by tapping the nail lightly with a hammer
Step 3 Wall/End Brackets

Mark a hole at the same height as the backclip on the sidewall at 12" or 16" from the back wall (depending on the depth of your shelf).

Use a wall/end bracket as a template to mark the bottom hole.

  Drill 1/4" holes at each mark
  Insert wall/end bracket completely and secure by tapping the nail lightly with a hammer
Step 4 Shelf

Rest shelf on backclips and snap into place

Lower into wall/end brackets

Snap flaps closed on backclips

Step 5
Support Braces

*Place every 36 inches (max) with 1 on each open end

Hook support to top front shelf wire, swing support flush against the back wall and mark the hole location

Make sure the shelf is level

  Drill 1/4" hole at mark
  Insert wall anchor through the hole in the brace and secure by tapping lightly with a hammer
Step 6 End Caps

Place freeslide rod spacer caps at the end of open free slide shelves

Place end caps on all cut ends of shelving




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Last modified: October 20, 2011